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Explore Institute of Bone Marrow Transplant & Research is working with various Cancer Research Group with China, India, Canada, USA and Australia. We have participated more than 12 international Health Research Programs.

What is Bone Marrow?


What Does Bone Marrow Do?

Healthy bone marrow and blood cells are needed in order to live. When disease affects bone marrow so that it can no longer function effectively, a marrow or cord blood transplant could be the best treatment option; for some patients it is the only potential cure.

What is a bone marrow transplant?

Types of bone marrow transplant:

Tissue type

Reasons for bone marrow transplants

Autologous HSCT is currently used to treat the following conditions:

Allogeneic HSCT is used to treat the following disorders:

HSCT may also be effective in the treatment of the following conditions:

Diagnosis and preparation:

How is bone marrow harvested?

How does a bone marrow transplant occur?

What are the risks of bone marrow transplants?

Late-onset problems include the following:



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