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Physiotherapy is a system of treatment or rehabilitation performed by physical therapist. Various health conditions can be treated or rehabilitated using this system. This system includes assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and treatment or rehabilitation of various health conditions in variety of settings. Physical modalities used in this system are Exercise, Massage, Heat and cold, light, Radio waves, Sound waves, Magnet, Water, Electricity etc. This system of treatment is essential for almost all musculoskeletal conditions, various neuro and cardiopulmonary conditions, some kind of skin disorders and also obstetric cases.

The number of congenital and acquired disabilities comprises about 4% of the total population of Nepal. Number of people with different diseases indicated for physiotherapy and rehabilitation is remarkable. There is an expectation of about 150 thousands of Nepalese people have been suffering from different kinds of disabilities due to a long insurgency leaded by Maoist. About 90% of them are living in villages and more than 80 % are expected not to be enjoying rehabilitation facilities because of their either lack of rehabilitation centres or human resources in this field or due to their poor economic status. Explore is a result of this scenario of demand and supply of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in Nepal.

Physical Therapy Modalities

1. Therapeutic Exercises

Treatment of various health conditions is done with the help of therapeutic exercises. This hospital has a lot of exercising devices that help to reeducate and strengthen the power of muscles. These devices are useful not only for the treatment of diseases but also for the improvement of health and muscle power and indurance of healthy people.

2. Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a scientific manipulation of soft tissues performed with the help of hands to treat various musculoskeletal, neurological and skin conditions. Soft tissue manipulation techniques are performed in this hospital for the management of pain and other various health conditions. It can be performed for the relaxation purpose also.

3. Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is a treatment done with the help of different forms of electricity: Sound, Radiation, Magnet, Heat and Direct and alternative currents. Electrotherapy is used to relive pain, treat inflammations/infections, reeducate/strengthen weak or paralysed muscles, reduce oedema, remove scars, loosen/remove joint adhesions, and treat injuries and other various conditions.

Electrotherapy is used to

relieve pain,
reeducate / strengthen weak / paralised muscles,
reduce oedema/swelling,
treat inflammation / infections,
hasten tissue repair,
improve blood circulation,
loosen adhesions,
remove scars

Electrotherapeutic modalities available in this hospital :

Short Wave Diathermy
Electric Massage
Electronic traction
Continuous Passive Mobiliser
Other heating modalities:
Paraffin wax bath
Hydroculator / Hot packs
Electric heating pads
Other therapies:
Hydrotherapy (Hot and cold water)

4. Acupuncture and Moxibution

Both the needle acupuncture and Laser acupuncture is done in the Centre. Moxibution and Acupressure techniques are also performed by concerning exports.

5. Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy and Speech therapy are also available in this Centre.

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