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Stammering is not a Disease:
Stammering is not a disease but a habit of speaking in a wrong way which is not by birth. It is due to shortened breath because of some reason during childhood. The breath is shortened by the following reasons;

(1) Physical weakness due to any kind of disease,
(2) Any kind of fear,
(3) Imitating other stammerers,
(4) Accident or mis-happening.

The breath is shortened due to above mentioned reasons and you start speaking with pauses. You do not want to speak with pauses, but not knowing the reality, and you try to speak more and more in shortened breath. Speaking in shortened breath increases your speed of speech and start speaking with pauses. Speaking with pauses is 'Stammering'.

What is the Psychology in stammering?
Anything happens always casts its impression in your mind. Speaking with pauses since childhood casts impression in your mind that you are a stammerer. This is psychology. Some children after growing up give more attention on this problem. The words which are frequently used in the speech, you feel more uncomfortable due to high speed and stammer more. Ultimately you select these words as problematic words. A stammerer always tries to speak fluently everywhere. Now you have two options either struggle and stammer or substitute the problematic words. For example speak out "pa-pa - pani" (water) or substitute with 'Jal'. If you struggle and stammer or substitute these words, your psychology will increase. Treatment of stammering is not available in most of the places in Nepal and India. Only the specialist who remains affected due to stammering in his life, can understand the problem and research on its treatment.

1. How do we make assessment of psychology? If you have selected problematic words your psychology is more than 30% and if not selected, less than 30%. Those whose psychology is less than 50%, do not stammer while singing and if they stammer on problematic words during singing, psychology is more than 50%. This is how you assess your psychology.

2. Why do we stammer on the first letter of the word?
Due to your high speed of the speech, you try to speak out 4 to 6 words in a single go which we term as a four or a six. Your tongue can not go for four or six letters at a time so you stammer on the first letter of the word.

3. Why we do not stammer while singing?
Stammering is due to shortened breath, high speed and psychology. While starting singing, you take full breath, speed is controlled, and attention is towards the tune of the song. That is why you do not stammer while singing.

4. Why a stammerer is full of anger?
Because a stammerer despite of having all capabilities cannot perform fully which give him feelings of frustration, anger and discontentment.

5. Why do we stammer more in front of strangers?
Whenever we try to hide this weakness and speak correctly, more stammering occurs. Because in this situation your mind becomes more attentive towards this problem and due to fear you become uncomfortable resulting increase in the speed of the speech. That is why you stammer more in front of strangers, higher officers, ticket windows, telephone, mobiles etc.

6. Whether stammering is a hereditary disease?
Stammering is not due to hereditary. However if some of your family member is a stammerer and becomes angry frequently, a child by imitating him and due to his fear become habitual of stammering. Therefore, some people consider it as hereditary. Treatment of Stammering Treatment of Stammering involves breath prolongation, slowing down speed of speech and reducing psychology from mind. At the centre you will learn about the ways of prolongation of breath and slowing down speed of speech by exercises, regular exercise are done at the centre, correct method of speaking without stammering explained. Emphasis will be given on speaking without stammering regularly as speaking correctly and regularly will reduce psychology from mind and fear of difficult words. Till date your psychology had been increasing due to continuous stammering, now at the centre psychology will start reducing due to regular speaking without stammering and you will get a way to have 100% success.

Fees charges for Stammering
20 or 30 days full course: Rs. 25000.00
10 days course: Rs. 15000.00
5 days course: Rs. 10000.00
2 days course: Rs. 5000.00

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