Vision, Mission & Value

Vision, Mission & Value


To be the best and most trusted medical tourism and healthcare facilitator in the world. We strive to facilitate safe and comfortable healthcare services to medical tourists from across the world and ensure their well-being and quick recovery.


Using our skills and professional expertise, we have pioneered the best patient-care management services in Nepal and India. We adhere strongly to the industry standards and use our extensive knowledge in the field of medical tourism and healthcare facilitating in Nepal and India to deliver timely, vital, and quality services.


Safety, Excellence in service and Trust are the building blocks of Explore Healthcare.

Our values reflect in:

Safety : We understand that medical tourism is of utmost importance and a matter of concern, as it pertaining your health. Hence, we only choose the internationally recognized and adept medical institutions and the most acknowledged surgeons as our associates. Internally, at Explore we ensure that we maintain our exceptional quality standards and upgrade them to set newer industry benchmarks.

Excellence : As an expert medical tourism and healthcare facilitator company, we collaborate with other experts of medical fraternity like technologically equipped top hospitals in India and Nepal, chief medical institutes and experienced surgeons. We ensure that our in-house professionals sharpen their skills with our continued medical educational programs.

Trust : Our exhaustive list of clients speaks volumes about the level of trust we have gained over the years. We maintain complete confidentiality of all the information shared with us by our clients and network partners.


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